The 10 best blogs, newsletters and sources on mobile app marketing

I am regularly asked: “Where can I find the best information online about the mobile marketing industry?”

The question comes from newbies and experienced marketers who recognise that mobile app marketing best practice changes so quickly that it’s essential to stay on top of industry trends and developments. It’s also important to follow – and learn – from business influencers and experts, and to be able to spot the hottest app marketing trends sooner than others.

I have settled on what I consider the 10 best sources of information for mobile go-to-market and retention strategies, app monetization and interesting mobile marketing case studies.

While simply reading these won’t make you a mobile marketing expert, they are exceptional sources of knowledge that can help you to stay one step ahead of your boss, colleagues or competitors.

Twitter accounts that report about the hottest news in the mobile business:

  1. Thomas Petit –  

Thomas is one of the best sources of news and data from the market. Although he focuses primarily on UA at 8fit where he works, his tweets generally cover business strategy and market trends. His best posts are definitely about Google 🙂

  1. Eric Seufert –

Eric not only tweets a lot, but also releases a top-notch essay every week on his platform MobileDevMemo. On this site you can also find top links suggested by the mobile app development community.

High quality blogs and opinions on strategy, growth-hacking, user-acquisition and analytics:×384.jpeg

  1. Andrew Chen

Andrew is a former Head of Growth at Uber, and now a partner at Andreessen Horowitz. His new assignment allows him to regularly publish excellent long-form essays that focus on (surprise, surprise) growth tactics.

  1. Mobile Growth Stack

Andy Carvell and Moritz Daan are not only authors of a Mobile Growth Stack framework they also post to an influential blog of the same name. They regularly feature must-read contributions from other professionals in the mobile app community.

  1. Apptamin

Sylvain Gauchet, founder of Apptamin, posts about mobile creatives and their production. Even though he’s a competitor of ours, I have to admit that I love his stuff.

  1. Incipia

Yet another App Agent competitor, Gabe Kwakyi from app marketing agency Incipia, blogs  on marketing analytics and algorithmic marketing. His views, opinions and approach are in line with ours at AppAgent, which is why I truly enjoy and value Gabe’s content.

Newsletters aggregating the most interesting and popular articles in the mobile world:

  1. Grow.co

At you can find a hand-picked round-up of the best customer acquisition and retention links curated by Adam Lovallo. The blog is published on a weekly basis. You can also find a fantastic library of videos from Mobile Apps Unlocked, in my opinion probably the best mobile marketing conference out there.

  1. is a weekly newsletter focusing specifically on developments in the mobile games industry compiled by Josh Burns. It’s great.

  1. Benedict Evans

I truly love the format of Benedict’s newsletter, which consists of a short-form essay on the major topic of the week, with a great selection of interesting links from various industries focusing on tech trends.

Extra – the best app and games marketing communities

For those looking to gain a real industry insight, I highly recommend that you join any of the helpful and insightful mobile marketing communities mentioned below. As part of these online groups you can access some fantastic resources, and contribute to interesting discussions.

Personally, I have no problem in asking others for help and recommendations on how to promote a game or an app, and I usually receive useful insights from community members quickly.

Mobile Marketing Experts FB group

MobileDevMemo Slack Channel

ASO Stack Slack Channel

That’s all for today. I hope that you will get a handy dose of inspiration from these blogs, newsletters and sources. Feel free to ping me an email with more tips and insights and I will keep updating the list.

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