Case Study: Creative Breakthroughs in Clash of Clans

Case Study: Creative Breakthroughs in Clash of Clans

The Challenge

Once in a while, as marketers, we stumble upon exciting opportunities that, at first glance, might seem a bit counterintuitive. That’s exactly how we discovered a truly game-changing creative breakthrough.

Clash of Clans stands as a titan within the realm of mobile gaming, with tens of millions of active players, each with their distinct motivational drivers. In a game centered around fortifying defenses and honing battle units, the typical focus naturally gravitates toward the Action and Mastery motivators – the adrenaline of combat, the pursuit of upgrading warriors, and catering to the core demographic.

But with our aptly named “Relax” creative, we decided to take a different path. We noticed something intriguing in our research and experience with Clash of Clans – there was a substantial group of potential players who craved a more relaxed gaming experience. These individuals were primarily driven by the motivation of creativity. This insight enabled our creative to resonate with an entirely new audience, delving into a tone typically reserved for cinematic experiences.

The Solution

In “Relax,” our main aim was to take players on an uninterrupted journey through the process of building their village in Clash of Clans, starting from those initial steps all the way to achieving the game’s highest levels.

We faced a familiar challenge: how to maintain engagement without resorting to a bombastic, over-the-top introduction, or saturating the video with overly upbeat music. What we wanted was for players to truly relax.

So, we made a conscious choice – we opted for a time-lapse approach, a hook in itself that would guide viewers through the entire video, leaving them eager to see the final result.

As the video unfolds, we gradually zoom out from our initial tiny village. Units scurry about, defensive walls elegantly snake their way around the expanding settlement, offering your eyes a visual anchor. All the while, soothing music plays in the background.

But there was still something missing – a sense of time passing. After all, the journey from the first village to the last is quite a trek, and not everyone embarks on it. We also wanted to ensure you didn’t get a false impression. That’s why we introduced seasons–to simulate the passage of time.

To cap it all off with a flourish, we conclude with a custom packshot crafted from the very buildings you’ve seen come to life before your eyes.

Finding a New Winner

Following the success of “Relax,” we ventured into creating thematic iterations, each building upon the timelapse and the soothing building elements to craft three new captivating videos. 

And through testing, we discovered yet another winner.

Build & Travel

In “Build & Travel,” our goal was to showcase the diverse ways to enjoy Clash of Clans and the multitude of bases players can construct. 

This creative takes the player on a journey, transitioning from one base to another while guiding them through the building process. 

The experience allows the viewer to explore the game’s expansive world through the avatars of the builders. We introduced an element of choice to enhance engagement.

Dropping in (Our Winner)

In “Dropping In,” we infused subtle elements of the traditional motivators while keeping the focus on the creativity motivator. 

This concept revolves around multiple villages. We outline the construction process, with walls and buildings gracefully falling into place as the viewer progresses to the next village at a higher level. The result is a visually captivating experience that maintains player interest.


With “Futurama,” our aim was to reconnect with the action-loving core audience. The video begins with a brief time-lapse of a village being built, only to be suddenly attacked by a low-level army, causing chaos and destruction. 

The Villager character steps in as an emotional anchor, urging the player to rebuild. The player accepts the challenge, reinforcing defenses with stronger walls. However, the relentless army returns, launching another assault on the village.

Defeated once again, the player embarks on a building frenzy, journeying to create a massive, highly fortified village. The army comes back, facing a much tougher challenge this time. The creative concludes with a suspenseful cliffhanger, leaving the viewer eagerly anticipating what comes next.

Moving Forward

Continuing to build upon the success of both “Relax” and “Dropping In,” we’ve reached a point where we can confidently say that using time lapses as hooks captivates the viewer’s attention. Now, it’s time for us to iterate and innovate once more.

We know that we shouldn’t disrupt the viewer’s immersion unnecessarily. Therefore, our challenge is to discover an inventive approach that keeps them engaged as we journey from one base to another.

Using projection in 2.5D space, we deform the texture and employ a colossal hand to flip the entire arena. This seamlessly transports the viewer from one space to another in a manner that’s both novel and exhilarating.


Producing creatives with strong confidence ratings is a complicated process. It begins with a solid foundation built through thorough research. We don’t just get to know our target audience; we also dive into the game’s themes, its community, and what truly motivates players.

Once this bedrock of knowledge is in place, we can produce new creatives and, with well-performed testing, find our winner. We don’t stop there; instead, we persistently refine and enhance, iterating towards superior performance.

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