Reviving Royalty: A Clash Royale ASO Case Study

Reviving Royalty: A Clash Royale ASO Case Study

The Challenge

Clash Royale, a mobile gaming phenomenon, had reached a crossroads. Despite its monumental success, the game was witnessing a gradual decline in player engagement and revenue.

The challenge at hand was clear: stabilize and reverse this trend. The solution lay in optimizing the App Store presence to boost organic and acquisition traffic while enhancing the visual appeal of the game’s storefront.

The Challenge

  • Clash Royale had never undergone App Store Optimization (ASO).
  • Store Listing Conversion Rate had declined by nearly 20% in the last year on the Play Store.
  • The game’s performance, while better than the genre average, needed to return to its former glory.

Scope of Work

  • Research and identify three relevant themes/genres for Clash Royale.
  • Define compelling visuals, motivations, and communication strategies for each theme.
  • Create three thematically original sets of creatives for testing.
  • Develop an App Store video preview based on the winning theme.
  • Craft one original set of creatives targeting churned-potentially returning players.

The Goals

  • Boost store listing conversion rate by identifying and testing the most effective communication elements for the target demographic.
  • Create an original set of creatives to re-engage returning players with specific in-game topics, updates, or new cards.

Target Demographic

  • T1 market
  • Male, 18 – 44

AppAgent's Solution

Every one of our clients is hunting for better performance, higher conversion rates, a steady flow of new users, and inventive ways to keep their loyal players coming back for more.

For colossal games like Clash Royale, even a marginal 1% boost in conversion rates can usher in tens of thousands of new players each month. That’s why it’s crucial to evaluate and enhance the game’s ASO components and the overall store presence.

Achieving success is most effectively accomplished through a combination of thorough testing, a profound comprehension of your target audience, and a deep knowledge of your product.

We kicked things off by diving into research. We took a close look at our audience, trying to understand what makes them tick and why they love the game. 

Then, we reviewed all the different aspects and game modes in Clash Royale, breaking them down by their basic genres and what keeps players engaged. This step was crucial, as it helped us create distinct experiences with each set of creatives.

Gaining insight into the distinct features of these genres and their associated motivators was crucial. For instance, elements such as “Unlocking” or “Upgrading” new units, immersing oneself in the extended universe’s narrative and lore, and advancing through the king’s journey or quests all align with the traditional characteristics of RPG gaming. On the other hand, managing resources, orchestrating synergies between units and spells, and masterfully developing a unique strategy are emblematic of the Strategy genre.

We consider ourselves lucky to work on a game that draws inspiration from multiple genres. Ultimately, we made the deliberate choice to center our efforts on the themes of RPG, Strategy, and Action, and refine them to pinpoint the most pertinent motivators.

Genre-Based Creative Exploration

1. RPG Theme

  • Hypothesis: RPG elements such as character progression and story can enhance player satisfaction.
  • Key Motivators: Achievement, Immersion, Action
  • Visual Focus: Emphasizing character empowerment and personality.

2. Strategy Theme

  • Hypothesis: Highlighting strategic gameplay can increase player investment in their progress and victories.
  • Key Motivators: Mastery, Social, Creativity
  • Visual Focus: Highlighting strategic moments in the game.

3. Action Theme

  • Hypothesis: Focusing on dynamic gameplay can attract users interested in high-paced action and strategic thinking.
  • Key Motivators: Action, Achievement, Creativity
  • Visual Focus: Showcasing action-packed scenes and dynamic character poses.


After rigorous testing, the RPG theme emerged as the clear winner. Its core values and motivations now serve as a blueprint for user acquisition assets, ensuring alignment between UA and ASO. Currently, an App Preview is in production, incorporating insights gained from testing.

Future strategies may include iterative improvements, seasonal content, and A/B testing to further enhance performance and player engagement. By staying attuned to player preferences and continuously refining its ASO strategy, Clash Royale aims to recapture its former glory and secure its place in mobile gaming history.

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