How do real-life companies use lifetime value predictions

LTV predictions

Ever wondered how to set up a solid Lifetime Value (LTV) model and predict the Return on Investment (ROI) for your app? No worries, we’ve got your back!

Being overwhelmed by the complexity and number of different prediction concepts is normal even for big companies. That is why Martin Jelinek, Head of Marketing at AppAgent, decided to map out how LTV predictions are being handled by top apps and games publishers and compare it with what we do at AppAgent for our clients. He aggregated the opinions of experts from companies such as Rovio, Hutch Games, Wargaming, Pixel Federation, Joom, Wolt, Blinkist and Then he presented his findings at the latest Mobile Growth Summit in Berlin. 


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If you’re intro analytics then I recommend you to also read more on how to calculate customer acquisition cost for your mobile application, an article by my colleague Vit Volsicka.

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