Mobile Marketing Creatives Series – Ultimate guide on how to design ads and app store creatives

Mobile Marketing Creative Series

Today’s mobile growth is driven by paid user acquisition. In 2020, mobile ad spending reached a 26% year-over-year growth, bringing it to a whopping $240B (according to App Annie). 

Such an acquisition is based on two pillars. First, user behavior events sent from the app back to ad networks provide signals for algorithms who the best users are. Second, ad creatives that make people click on a banner, video, or playable ad and drive them to the app stores. Out of these two drivers, events are a commodity where you can’t get much of an advantage which means the battle for users is decided on the creative field.

User Acquisition vs. Data and Ad creatives

App marketing and promotion in times of automated user acquisition

The challenge is you never know which mobile game or app creatives will work. 1 out of 20 gets strong traction and the biggest advertisers produce dozens of creatives with a ton of iterations every month to find the next winner.

Audiences are generally oversaturated with ads in Facebook feed, Instagram stories, Youtube videos… No one taps on generic ads with irrelevant messaging today. Therefore, the key to success is to understand your audience, who they are and mostly – what motivates them.


Motivators in the video ad

As the market matures and competition is fiercer than ever, it’s no longer about throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Many top publishers realized the limitations of performance marketing and started to pay attention to consistent communication and invest in brand-building.


Mobile video and static ads design based on a systematic approach

The creative process today combines art and science. It’s necessary to put a systematic workflow in place to align data-oriented marketers with idea makers and designers. Such operational workflow helps generate new ad creatives–be it videos or statics–in the desired volume without the risk of burn-out or the production of nonsensical concepts that won’t perform.

If we connect these pieces together–the need for a lot of creatives, the growing importance of branding, the necessity to understand your audience, the interconnection of data and creativity–it’s crystal clear that mobile advertisers can’t live without a solid process and structured approach to creative development. Lacking this, they will not be able to take advantage of the growth potential that paid acquisition offers.

The Mobile Marketing Creative Series is an answer to this: an ultimate guide that will be released throughout the year. It’s a decade in mobile and two in marketing condensed into a practical blueprint with examples from AppAgent’s creative studio. Enjoy reading and don’t forget to subscribe to AppAgent’s newsletter to ensure you don’t miss an episode! 


The first episode of the Mobile Marketing Creatives Series on how to best promote your app or game through thumb-stopping visuals.

Spying on competitors? How dare you! But…you can learn some valuable insights from them. Read how to do that and how to apply those learnings into your own store listing experiments.

There are currently 4.37 million apps in the Apple App Store. How do you think users should navigate and choose the best app for them? Prompter: a brand!

Hassle-free mobile creative design as an unattainable goal? Not after you read about creative strategy and how to create one for your mobile app or game.

12 creative directions to speed up the ideation process with 12 examples of video ads and one static ads for mobile apps and games.

Did you know that only 1% of users read an app’s store description? Learn pro tips on how users decide which app or game they will download.

The first 3 secs of your ad will make or break it. Learn how people consume video ads, which 6 recommendations we often hear from Facebook and Google to create successful video creatives.

Testing is the mantra of every growth manager. With this hands-on guide, you can check if you run your tests efficiently. Also get inspired by a couple of pro tips from six mobile experts.

So your next ad is made and ready to be tested? Check how to test mobile UA creative, which metrics to follow, or what are the hidden pitfalls.

Creative experimentation is the key to coming up with exciting and successful mobile ads. But where do you begin with the ad iteration process? The final episode has the answer.

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  • How to design ads and app store creatives?

    Create mobile video ads and static ads design based on a systematic approach, have solid process to their development, invest into building a brand, pay attention to consistent communication.

    The creative process should combine art and science so it’s necessary to put a systematic workflow in place to align data-oriented marketers with idea makers and designers. 

    AppAgent's Mobile Marketing Creative Series can help with that. It is an ultimate guide of 10 episodes and several complimentary topic: audience analysis, competition analysis, USP & brand definition, creative strategy development, ad ideas generation, ad creatives best practices, store creative best practices, how to read UA data, ads iteration, and A/B testing in App/Play Stores.

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