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Today’s mobile growth is driven by paid user acquisition. In 2020, mobile ad spending reached a 26% year-over-year growth, bringing it to a whopping $240B (according to App Annie).  Such an acquisition is based on two pillars. First, user behavior events sent from the app back to ad networks provide signals for algorithms who the best users are. Second, ad creatives that make people click on a banner, video, or playable ad and drive
Every publisher has heard the phrase: “We need more ads and we need them fast!” over and over again from their user acquisition department. The fact is that mobile video ads are critical for effective user acquisition, however the production of these ads is heavily dependent on manpower. This is where automation can come in handy. Automation is a technical solution which helps generate a high number of video variants in far less time. What
Developing a robust ad creatives process should be a high priority for any mobile marketer that wants to have the best performing ads for their mobile app or game. The process should effectively merge art with science: it must create efficiency, reduce burnout, and provide your creative team with more time to focus on idea-making… the essential goal of any creative process. In this post, we will explore the Ad Creatives Execution (ACE) Framework,
To learn more about industry insights and best practices, sign up for the AppAgent newsletter here. Every day, Apple seems to be getting stricter with store assets. At least, that’s what we at AppAgent and other publishers have experienced. It’s increasingly common for app previews to be rejected because they “do not sufficiently reflect the app in use”. For an agency like us, with creativity in our mobile marketing DNA, this hurts. But Apple
Did you know, that 400 000 000 daily active users are following Instagram Stories? 60% of Instagram users watch videos with the sound on 5-10 seconds, vertical format and ‘content generated’ look & feel of Instagram Stories Ads work the best? Well, many apps and game developers don’t. Instagram Stories Ads format is still not being used so much or is being overlooked, in comparison with other ad formats. This is wrong in our
This is a new showreel, a sample of the best creatives we’ve done for our clients in 2018. If you’re curious how such app previews, video ads or even playable ads are made, here is the typical process: A brief from the client (we have an online form to guide you). Cost estimate for approval. Research, references and then brainstorming of the marketing manager as well as the creative team. Hand-sketches of several concepts
Have you been told since childhood not to buy a hare in a sack? We have and that’s why we’ve put together the cross-section of our portfolio for you. You can watch creative outcomes we’ve delivered for our client’s apps and games, including the usage of cinematic gameplay, the combination of live shooting with 3D effects or even 2D and 3D animation. And of course, not to be missed, catchy music. That’s how we
This is an in-depth case study by Jiri Chochlik, an ASO Expert at AppAgent Good mobile marketing managers are relentlessly looking for new ways to improve their user acquisition efforts. They spend time finding the best strategies to follow, hoping that they will give them an advantage over the competition. If you’re a big publisher or an indie developer, ASO is an essential strategy that you can use to grow your app business. In
User Acquisition managers are looking for great ad creatives like never before. An ad that achieves a high click-through rate, posts strong install numbers and manages to retain users is the best way to fight increasing acquisition costs. I reached out to three great mobile marketers, who produce tons of creatives every week, to learn about how they regularly produce effective ads that drive conversions. We gathered at the App Growth Summit in Berlin
A recent survey on download decisions claimed that the description of the app was the second most important reason for install, with rating coming in as number one. The problem is, what people say and what they actually do are often two very different things, so I set out to find the truth about the reasons why users download the apps that they do — and discover why some apps stay ignored. My research


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