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Three weeks ago I attended the PGC Helsinki conference where I’ve represented AppAgent in a panel discussion about “LTV for mobile apps” organised by Mika Levo from Pollen VC. The topic is incredibly complicated, and it proved impossible to discuss everything in just 20 minutes. To provide a complete perspective on LTV, I’ve decided to produce this blog outlining what I’ve learned from my own experiences and those of experts from Rovio, Miniclip, Wooga,
Today’s post is part of my guest chapter from an upcoming book called “Advanced ASO” by Moritz Daan and Gabe Kwakyi. I cover the whole featuring process, all tips & tricks learned in past 7 years with dozens of examples and data. The post below focuses on the impact of iOS11 on featuring. The book was released in August 2017 and you can order on the official ASO Ebook website. A place everyone wants
As a former startup founder, I have jumped at too many poor ideas and spent enormous amounts of time and effort developing new ideas, products and apps that ultimately no one cared about. Naturally, I explored how to eliminate uncertainty, finding markets with low costs and high potential. The Lean Startup methodology provided me with a functional framework to help me develop new ideas and approaches to business. To illustrate the benefits of the
Surprisingly, many developers invest enormous amounts of time, effort and resources in developing games or apps that are built on very shallow foundations. It’s great to have a strong product vision, but without understanding the market situation, competition, target group, acquisition costs and performance benchmarks, you are navigating blindly. As a result, it’s highly likely that you will run into trouble – wasting your time and your money in the process.effort and resources in
Push notifications are one of the most important tactics app developers can use to increase retention rates – but not everyone uses them appropriately. Unlike emails, which can often be trapped by spam filters, notifications are able to speak directly to the user through their most personal device. In Tradewise – a news app targeting US stock brokers – users receiving notifications are 5% more likely to be retained on average after the first
Working with about 10 gaming companies at AppAgent, I see a clear pattern as to what are the most common mistakes in mobile marketing. My talk at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016 covers in 15 minutes how to understand your market, competition and how to succeed in mobile gaming space.   ????  Learn more about industry insights and best practices by signing up for our newsletter or by bookmarking our blog. ????  Get help
Deciding whether your newest mobile game should adopt a freemium or premium business model is one of the most important decisions a developer can make. It will not only define the way you generate revenue, but will also influence your choice of marketing channels and tactics. To help you make the best decision for you and your app, we’ve summarized how you can reach your audience with both business models in a playful infographic.
I was asked for “3 tips” on game growth at a meet-up organized by AppNext shortly before PocketGamer Connects in Helsinki. The event evolved into a crazy networking rush jam-packed with industry experts such as Oscar Clark (Unity), Chris James (Steel Media) and Tommy Palm (, now Resolution Games). So, when the mic refused to cooperate with organizers, we decided to share our thoughts later in a newsletter. Here’s a copy of my part
In Czech we have a nice proverb: “Everyone is a General after the battle.” What that means is that, in retrospect, you can see many mistakes that have been made, and spot many opportunities to learn. When beginning to plan for the release of a mobile game, most developers think about the product itself rather than pitfalls of organising the soft launch, but that process is essential to understanding the risks involved and avoiding
Once, in a meeting with a new fin-tech client, I was asked how much it would cost to get a new application featured in the App Store. At first the question seemed silly to me, but later I understood how perceptive it actually was. In reality, you can’t buy the spot with cash. The only way to achieve it is with the quality of the product you have created and with the investment that


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