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Writing a brief for a creative department or an agency to make a video ad for your game or app might be a challenging experience. Especially when you have no clue what the resolutions of each platform are, what the maximum video length is or even what’s the maximum file size. No worries, we’ve been there too. That’s why we’ve summed up all of the available information from the biggest ad networks such as
Can you imagine what it must feel like to be the digital marketing director of a popular on-demand delivery app? You’re responsible for running local campaigns in 181 cities across 23 countries. When new locations in LATAM, Eastern Europe and the MENA region are added at a frantic pace of 1.4 a week, how do you stay productive and profitable? This is the exact situation Jacques Frisch, Digital Marketing Director at Glovo, found himself
Ad monetization waterfalls might sound confusing, but the principle behind them is reassuringly simple. In this in-depth article, we look at what ad monetization waterfalls are and why setting eCPM floors is an essential part of maximizing your return. A little bit of work can ensure your app is maximizing its potential for profit. This is a guest blog post by Jacopo Guanziroli who provides consultancy for AppAgent on ad monetization topics. Jacopo worked at
4 calculations types for the customer acquisition cost index If your boss asks you how much are you spending for one paying customer, would you know the number?  Maybe you already calculate your Cost Per Action (CPA) or Cost Per Install (CPI) and have an attractive spreadsheet to send to your boss. Do you know what your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is? Have you ever calculated ALL of the costs involved in attracting a
AdAge recently reported that the duopoly of Facebook and Google share almost 60% of the digital advertising market between them. Mobile advertising accounts for two-thirds of the entire advertising market worldwide – and continues to grow as we spend more time online.   What does it mean? The majority of media budgets are focused on two major channels – increasing competition and raising prices. To succeed online, you have to diversify your channels to fight
  For sustainable mobile app growth you need to focus on activation first, not acquisition! Read about how you can avoid the ‘leaking bucket’ problem and grow efficiently. Here’s a recent conversation that I had:“We want to double our mobile app user base in the next 6 months with a budget of $150,000. You’re the experts on app growth hacking and can help us, right?” I took a deep breath. “I don’t know,” I
Last year, more than two million apps were downloaded from Google Store and the Apple App Store had similar numbers. However, developers often lack marketing experience – which is also different from digital marketing. What are the main differences, how the mobile phone industry has changed in the last 5 years and what are the newest trends – you can find out in this interview with the owner of the mobile marketing agency of
AppsFlyer together with AppAgent and Incipia has published a comprehensive guide on predictive LTV modeling which is a must-read for mobile marketers, UA managers and marketing analysts. We interviewed top experts from companies such as Rovio, Hutch Games, Wargaming, Joom, Wolt, Blinkist, and Boombit to provide a comprehensive view on how LTV modeling differs for various business models.   What you will learn:– What are the 3 main approaches to LTV predictions– Methods
Did you know, that 400 000 000 daily active users are following Instagram Stories? 60% of Instagram users watch videos with the sound on 5-10 seconds, vertical format and ‘content generated’ look & feel of Instagram Stories Ads work the best? Well, many apps and game developers don’t. Instagram Stories Ads format is still not being used so much or is being overlooked, in comparison with other ad formats. This is wrong in our
This is a new showreel, a sample of the best creatives we’ve done for our clients in 2018. If you’re curious how such app previews, video ads or even playable ads are made, here is the typical process: A brief from the client (we have an online form to guide you). Cost estimate for approval. Research, references and then brainstorming of the marketing manager as well as the creative team. Hand-sketches of several concepts

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