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A collaborative creative strategy, developed jointly by marketers and product managers, provides a clear direction for an app or game’s purpose and optimal positioning to maximize its appeal.
What defines a great mobile brand, and how does it impact customer behavior? Mobile app branding promises that the product will deliver what’s expected–functionally and performance, privacy and security.
Understanding the competitive landscape is still crucial for your mobile app or game. It can assist you in defining a unique market position while always keeping the customer in mind.
Regardless of the advancements in ad network algorithms, it remains vital to truly comprehend your players or users, understand their motivators, and know how they decide where to invest their precious
Today’s mobile growth is driven by paid user acquisition. In 2020, mobile ad spending reached a 26% year-over-year growth, bringing it to a whopping $240B (according to  Such an acquisition is
To learn more about industry insights and best practices, sign up for the AppAgent newsletter here. If you’ve been dabbling in mobile marketing for 2+ years now, you are aware of
Today, mobile marketers must look beyond the installation of their app or game to find a new currency through which to analyze and optimize mobile app marketing. Post-install events play a
Every publisher has heard the phrase: “We need more ads and we need them fast!” over and over again from their user acquisition department.  The fact is that mobile video ads
Developing a robust ad creatives process should be a high priority for any mobile marketer that wants to have the best performing ads for their mobile app or game. The process

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