Ten facts you might have not known about Thomas Petit

Thomas Petit

The only sure thing in our lives is constant change. One major change just happened in the life of the most knowledgeable and supportive mobile marketing expert I personally know, Thomas Petit. We first met in 2015 and have stayed in regular contact since then. Thomas helped us at AppAgent numerous times with Apple Search Ads, UA strategy and ASO as well as ran one of the best AppAgent Academy’s so far while he shared interesting facts with me both from his work and personal life. I’m inviting you to discover 9 surprising things about him plus a bonus one (which is especially exciting for me personally).


1 book on the market which is named after Thomas, called “Le gros Appétit de Thomas Petit”. The kid’s book is for $22.50 and you can buy it on Amazon (btw did you know that Thomas is the 5th most common first name and Petit is the 5th most common last name in France?).


2003, that’s the year when Thomas started managing a full website as a webmaster after doing HTML in the 90’s.


30 times Thomas has appeared on stage covering mobile marketing which demonstrates how much knowledge he’s shared with the community.

14 stands for the highest number of people attending one of his legendary BBQ on his Palma terrace, where Thomas lives.


50x growth of new users with a 2.5x ROI is what Thomas achieved at 8fit, a fitness, and nutrition app, due to which he moved from Barcelona to Berlin.


450 kilometers (279,6 miles) is how long Thomas walked the famous Camino de Santiago back in 2015. That’s where he also met his current wife.


177 mutual connections on LinkedIn that Thomas shares with Peter, the founder of AppAgent, which just shows how much the mobile marketing circles are interconnected.


38 months Thomas worked for 8fit before he decided to become a strategy consultant starting this October.


9 letters in the word Barcelona which Thomas shortened to 3 and started using it in his Twitter handle “ThomasBCN” as a reminder of his beloved city. Fun fact: when Thomas wanted to change his Facebook name to ThomasBLN after moving to Berlin, he got banned.


11 stands for November 2018, when Thomas joined AppAgent as a strategy consultant, which is for me personally a beautiful evolution in our relationship.

Thomas will get involved in planning the go-to-market and growth strategies, user acquisition plans and educating the team at AppAgent.

We’re super excited that our ad hoc activities in the past two years evolved into an amazing partnership which will lead to the increased quality of work and subsequent growth for our client’s business.  

Thomas, we’re all thrilled to have you on board!

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