Spin and pray – how gambling penetrates mobile games

I spent some time reading some interesting articles and studying last Sunday as I do every weekend. AppAnnie Index – 2013 Retrospective is a document which I was looking forward to reading for several weeks because it always promises to be packed with dozens of stats and charts. After a few minutes of reading, you can clearly see the trends in mobile business.

One of the many interesting facts was a table of the Top Games of 2013 in the United States which was sorted by revenue. Victory of Candy Crush Saga by King followed by two Supercell titles called Clash of Clans and Hay Day wasn’t surprising at all. However, in 6th place was Slotomania by Ceasers Entertainment followed by Big Fish Casino. Another title, DoubleDown Casino by International Game Technology confirmed a clear fact: gambling has already hit the mobile gaming industry and is generating loads of cash!

Gambling principles aren’t something new in casual games: you can get more lives using the “wheel of fortune” in Eyenigma or you can play like hell to unlock the “Magic Box” in Subway Surfers without even knowing what is inside. The uncertainty, tension and chance for a big victory is something which makes p

eople really excited without even knowing what those principles are which form the foundation of Las Vegas Casinos.

As the business moves from the classic online casinos to mobile devices it brings a sharp rise of a younger audience. Sites like www.riverbellecasino.com and many others confirm that the more animated and engaging the experience, the more attractive it is to those who would never think about playing “in real life”. I also suspect that Zynga, King or Big Fish Games will begin partnerships with state-based gambling companies to provide the software for the next generation of virtual casinos. They’ll start building the infrastructure now and will move quickly as the walls of gambling regulations fall down in the U.S. in the upcoming years.

For me personally, the gambling business is far too distant but there’s certainly lots to learn as to the gambling psychology, the risk & reward principles, the tension of uncertainty, the excitement of winning big jackpots. Why not incorporate some of those principles in our games today? Wouldn’t it be fun to have the opportunity to win “a life back” once the game is over for you? Just spin and pray, there is always a chance!


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